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Join me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/angeldreactions?fan_landing=true&fbclid=IwAR3oNos0FF1CxUtgG5_8XZiBGBUPQtejZbNokwBEUgbI8QjON3Rl9-R4floHey guys, I h.. Vocal Coach/Opera Singer REACTION & ANALYSIS Nightwish + Floor Jansen The Poet and the Pendulum - YouTube. Vocal Coach/Opera Singer REACTION & ANALYSIS Nightwish + Floor Jansen The Poet and the. Floor Jansen (Image credit: Getty) Nightwish singer Floor Jansen has responded to the fury generated by her recent comments that Slayer are a dreadful band. Last week TeamRock reported how Jansen called thrash band Slayer dreadful, unbelievably boring and terrible when asked to name the most metal album she owns

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FLOOR JANSEN Says Reaction To Her Joining NIGHTWISH Has Been Better Than She Could Have Dreamed November 11, 2012 0 Comments NIGHTWISH's British fan club The-Islanders.co.uk conducted an interview. In the latest episode of her 1 Minute Fan Friday YouTube series, NIGHTWISH singer Floor Jansen was asked what she thinks of all the reaction videos from vocal coaches and other musicians to her. NIGHTWISH singer Floor Jansen, who is currently touring South America with her REVAMP project, has released the following open letter to her fans: Dear fans, After nightmares and many worried. Floor Jansen [floːr ˈjɑnsɘn] (* 21. Februar 1981 in Goirle) ist eine niederländische Sängerin. Sie war von 1997 bis zur Auflösung im Jahr 2009 die Lead-Sängerin der Symphonic-Metal-Band After Forever. Seit Oktober 2013 ist sie Lead-Sängerin der finnischen Symphonic-Metal-Band Nightwis

Madeleine Harvey reacts to Phantom of The Opera by Floor Jansen and Henk Poort Steph Gard reacts to Stone Cold by Daneliya Tuleshova Vocal Splendor Studios reacts to Vivo Per Lei by Henk Poort and Emma Heester Floor Jansen kreeg vanaf haar tweede levensjaar zangles. Als 3-jarige was ze eraan toe om liedjes van Janis Joplin te zingen, maar haar stem klonk veel minder rauw dan die van de Amerikaanse. Toch bleef Jansen zingen, en zoals vele mislukte kwelers ging ze naar de rockschool in Tilburg, waar ze ook een paar instrumenten mocht bespelen, met name de piano en de fluit. Deze fluit was haar favoriet en je kon Jansen niet tegenkomen of ze had een of andere fluit in haar kanis

The official website of Floor Jansen. Dutch singer of NIGHTWISH, one of world's biggest symphonic metal bands. Known for performing on Dutch TV show Beste Zangers What Floor Jansen definitely is not is a diva, at least not today. The 'd'-word has plagued her for several years. It's an accusation that has been brandished as a weapon by people who seem unable to comprehend that a woman in her position is entitled to refuse to stand for bullshit. In 2014, she felt obliged to post an open letter online in response to criticism of how she dealt with fans. The letter's contents were summed up in the typically blunt line: I am not an. u/yotties. 2 years ago. Archived. Did Lady Gaga really praise Floor's version of Shallow? Evidence? I have come across several comments claiming that Lady Gaga commented positively on Floor's version, but I have not seen actual evidence. Has anyone here come across the actual post (some mention Instagram as the source. I do not have instagram.) About the voice How To Sing Ken Tamplin KTVA KTVA Blog Vocal Coach Reaction Vocal Coach Reacts to Floor Jansen - Shallow - Live - Beste Zangers 2019. By Matt Williams October 21, 2019 No Comments. It takes some guts to take on a song that Lady Gaga captured the world with but Floor Jansen was definitely up for the challenge. Floor took on the Gaga song Shallow from A Star Is Born.


  1. Floor Jansen en Henk Poort scoren op dit moment een dikke nummer 1-hit met The Phantom of The Opera, dat ze zaterdag samen zongen in de Beste Zangers. Niet alleen op iTunes scoren de twee, ook op.
  2. Alex Hefner reacts to Phantom of The Opera by Floor Jansen and Henk Poort. 1 year ago. Beste Zangers, Floor Jansen and Henk Poort, Phantom of the Opera, Rebecca Vocal Athlete
  3. Floor Jansen Euphoria Reaction | Just Jen Reacts to Floor Jansen | Best Mother's Day EVER! - NgheNhacHay.Net Floor commands the stage! - Floor Jansen Euphoria reactions, part 2. 11:19. Floor Jansen - Euphoria | Beste Zangers Songfestival. 3:29. Floor Jansen of Nightwish | Eurovision 2020 for The Netherlands? 6:10. Floor Jansen - Mama | Beste Zangers 2019. 3:14. Floor Jansen - Qué Se.
  4. Beste Zangers - Floor Jansen episode 4 (REACTION) 2019 | Eng Subs. 1:25:38. Musicians FIRST TIME REACTION to Nightwish - Ghost Love Score (OFFICIAL LIVE) 18:45. VILJA LIED by Floor Jansen - Beste Zangers - First Time Reaction. 6:16. VOICE COACH REACTS | Floor Jansen.... SHALLOW. watch if you like having your feels grabbed. 13:29. Floor Jansen - Shallow | Beste Zangers 2019 REACTION. 10:40. #.
  5. 【Floor Jansen】夜愿主唱看Ghost Love Score有reaction (中字) Nightwish中文粉丝站. 6942 播放 · 33 弹幕 【时隔十二年的梦幻同台】Marco Hietala Tarja Turunen - Ave Maria. nacilmev. 5669 播放 · 7 弹幕 Floor Jansen - Agape (Kadawatha cover) 球星-贝尔. 480 播放 · 0 弹幕 Nightwish夜愿主唱地板姐Floor Jansen进化史. Straniamori. 2.5万 播放 ·.
  6. Known as the founder of one of the world's first symphonic metal bands After Forever at the age of 15 and one of The Netherlands' most successful artists, Floor Jansen defied all odds. Graduated from the first class of the Rock Academy (together with Danny Vera & Krezip
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Drimbl This is my video reaction to Floor Jansen - ShallowSingers Reaction/Review to Floor Jansen - Shallow | Beste Zangers 2019NYGMA (my band) NEW SONG!!!!!:https:.. Floor Jansen does a pretty awesome reaction video describing what she's seeing, doing, and feeling in her own performance of the iconic Nightwish song Ghost Love Score from Wacken 2013. Like a lot of performers they have a lot of great stories about different times they've done the song and what makes each performance unique and memorable. It. Floor Jansen Reaction Day. Floor Jansen is a Dutch singer, songwriter, and vocal coach. She is currently the lead vocalist of Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish. Jansen first became known as a member of symphonic metal band After Forever, standing as their lead vocalist from 1997, when she joined at age 16, to their disbanding in 2009

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Vocal Coach/Opera Singer REACTION & ANALYSIS Floor Jansen + Henk Poort The Phantom of the OperaThe Charismatic Voice. 5.055.569 Views. 12:32. Vocal Coach Reacts - OG3NE - Heartbreak Medley (HOME ISOLATION VERSION)Rebecca Vocal Athlete. 1.719.552 Views. 7:19. Floor Jansen and Henk Poort - Dangerous Game (Jekyll & Hyde cover) | SINGER REACTIONNephi Axe. 7.575.812 Views. Terms of Serivce; DMCA. Vocal Coach/Opera Singer REACTION & ANALYSIS Floor Jansen + Henk Poort The Phantom of the Opera Comment. Next videos. Autoplay . 15:19 Oh my god, that was so intense! - Floor Jansen/Henk Poort Phantom of the Opera reactions, part 178flex. 4.455.520 Views. 4:14. Autumn drive through the Sprache between Lachendorf and CelleChaos Cats Club. 829.903 Views. 10:30. Floor Jansen & Henk Poort.

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Floor Jansen with her cover of Adagio is today's second reaction, see what I thought about it here NIGHTWISH's FLOOR JANSEN Says It Was 'Fantastic' To See All The Reactions To Her New Solo Song May 16, 2020 0 Comments NIGHTWISH singer Floor Jansen has recorded a Dutch-language song called De Beelden Blijven for the documentary Kinderen In Oorlog: 75 Jaar Later in cooperation with War Child. An English version of the track, which can be heard below, will also be released. War Child is an. Her reaction videos are different. Most reaction videos are redundant. She tries to delve in to the techniques that different singers use and how they produce the sounds they make. I have been a subscriber to her channel for quite some time and I find them informative and entertaining.She also uses a lot of different styles of singers in the videos that she posts. 5. Reply. share. Report Save.

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  1. Es war eine durchaus überraschende Nachricht, mit der Nightwish-Frontfrau Floor Jansen heute auf ihren Socials aufhorchen ließ: Nach ihrer erfolgreichen Teilnahme an Beste Zangers 2019, der niederländischen Variante von Sing meinen Song, wird Floor nun auch in der nächsten Staffel der deutschsprachigen Ausgabe zu sehen sein
  2. While Sandra Jansen's floor crossing from the PCs to the NDP may have made headlines, many residents of her northwest Calgary riding didn't take much notice, and some of those who did — didn't.
  3. Floor Jansen Alone REACTION & ANALYSIS by Vocal Coach/Opera SingerThe Charismatic Voice. 2.125.759 Views. 9:51. Vocal Coach reacts- Floor Jansen - Dangerous Game ft. Henk Poort (Jekyll & Hyde cover)Rebecca Vocal Athlete. 2.032.671 Views. 11:20. Vocal Coach/Opera Singer REACTION & ANALYSIS Floor Jansen + Henk Poort The Phantom of the OperaThe Charismatic Voice. 3.779.698 Views. 20:39. VOICE.
  4. Watch RTL Boulevard | Floor Jansen & Tim Akkerman interview | Beste Zangers - DeniseHofs on Dailymotio
  5. 【reaction】声乐教练带你听Floor Jansen(夜愿主唱)版歌剧魅影 . 森海天. 3821 播放 · 15 弹幕 【自制字幕】Floor Jansen(芙洛·杨森) - Mama (母亲)(Beste Zangers 2019 Live) yangchuhan123. 4813 播放 · 17 弹幕 超然现场:Nightwish 夜愿 《last of the wilds》引燃全场,大型歌迷晕厥现场! 阿尔伯特史塔克. 34.7万 播放.
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Performed by Floor Jansen and Henk Poort First Time Reaction by Wolf Rock Source video: Phantom of the Opera at Beste Zangers. Lyrics. In sleep he sang to me In dreams he came That voice which calls to me And speaks my name And do I dream again? For now I find The phantom of the opera is there Inside my mind. Sing once again with me Our strange duet My power over you Grows stronger yet And. Floor Jansen Recalls Reaction to Wild Idea on New Nightwish Album, Talks if Record Was Tough to Make If it was anyone else but Tuomas suggesting it, I would have thought it was crazy, the singer. Nightwish singer Floor Jansen REACTS to Ghost Love Score (Wacken 2013) - Emotional. Live Music Reaction. Close. 1. Posted by 14 hours ago. Nightwish singer Floor Jansen REACTS to Ghost Love Score (Wacken 2013) - Emotional. youtu.be/QW_3F1... Live Music Reaction. 1 comment. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment. Log In Sign Up. Sort by: old (suggested. - Floor Jansen/Henk Poort Phantom of the Opera reactions, part 5 - NgheNhacHay.Net 7 אוקטובר 21 ברכה חי רוזנפלד מתקשרת מדיום מנבאה. 0523499478.. 200.000 צפיות פיי

Floor Jansen. 384,990 likes · 25,262 talking about this. Singer of the symphonic metal band Nightwish. Also known for performing during the 12th season.. Song: Phantom of the Opera Performed by Floor Jansen and Henk Poort First Time Reaction by Madeleine Harvey Source video: Phantom of the Opera at Beste Zanger

GHOST LOVE STORE REACTION. Floor Jansen. April 3 · Ever watched someone reacting to Ghost Love Score? This time it's my turn! Check out me reacting to and talking about Ghost Love Score on my YouTube channel!! youtu.be/QW_3F186_5Q. Related Videos. 0:14. INTO THE UNKNOWN. Floor Jansen. 68K views · July 14. 1:16. GARAGE. Floor Jansen. 36K views · June 24. 0:45. Nightwish singer Floor Jansen joins the members of Between the Buried and Me as notable metal musicians to have animal species named after them. Scientist Andreas Weigel discovered a new species of beetle last year and named it after Jansen, dubbing it Tmesisternus floorjansenae. What a surreal and bizarre honor! Jansen announced the news via Facebook along with a close-up photo of this most. Julia Nilon reacts to Phantom of The Opera by Floor Jansen and Henk Poort. By remmco in Beste Zangers Floor Jansen and Henk Poort Julia Nilon Phantom of the Opera September 5, 2020 : Song: Phantom of the Opera Performed by Floor Jansen and Henk Poort First Time Reaction by Julia Nilon Source video: Phantom of the Opera at Beste Zangers. Lyrics. In sleep he sang to me In dreams he came That. Watch ENG translation: Beste Zangers (with Floor Jansen) | Episode 8 - DeniseHofs on Dailymotio

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Floor Jansen (Goirle, 21 febbraio 1981) è una cantautrice olandese, dal 2012 componente del gruppo musicale finlandese Nightwish. È stata la cantante del gruppo symphonic metal After Forever dal 1997 fino al loro scioglimento nel 2009, nonché fondatrice e cantautrice del gruppo progressive metal ReVamp fino al loro scioglimento avvenuto nel 2016. Durante la sua carriera, Jansen ha più. Floor Jansen & Henk Poort - Phantom Of The Opera | Beste Zangers 2019 - Reaction 【Floor Jansen】夜愿主唱看Ghost Love Score有reaction (中字) Nightwish中文粉丝站. 6882 播放 · 33 弹幕 FloorJansen地板姐翻唱Alone-Heart. Kohen-大坤. 1561 播放 · 3 弹幕 Nightwish(夜愿) Virtual World 2021.05.28. Miniblack_xzb. 2083 播放 · 16 弹幕 电影《遗落战境 Oblivion》 歌曲 《M83》,地板姐 Floor Jansen翻唱,气势恢宏. Discover short videos related to Floor Jansen on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: Alex Hefner(@alexhefner), Nightwish Fans(@nightwish.fans), Rock&MetalPE(@rock_metalpe), Nightwish Fans(@nightwish.fans), Nightwish Fans(@nightwish.fans) . Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #floorjansen, #floorjensen, #floorjanson Floor Jansen (s. 21. helmikuuta 1981 Goirle, Alankomaat) on alankomaalainen sopraanolaulaja. Jansen on nykyään suomalaisyhtye Nightwishin laulusolisti, ja hänen aikaisempia yhtyeitään ovat After Forever sekä ReVamp Ura. Jansen aloitti musiikkiuransa 16-vuotiaana perustaessaan alankomaalaisen sinfonista metallia soittaneen yhtyeen After Foreverin, joka oli yksi ensimmäisistä kyseistä.

Floor Jansen is in this season of Beste Zangers (best singers), a Dutch TV show where different singers perform each others songs every week (either written by, or formerly performed by). Today, each of the participants took on a song from Dutch opera singer Henk Poort. Floor picked a (German) song from Franz Lehár. Later in the season all the singers will take on different songs from Floor. YouTube. Floor Jansen. 206K subscribers. Subscribe. Nightwish singer REACTS to Ghost Love Score (FIRST REACTION) Watch later. Copy link. Info. Shopping Floor Jansen, född 21 februari 1981 i Goirle, Nederländerna, [1] är sedan 2012 sångerska i det finländska symfonisk metal-bandet Nightwish. [2] Tidigare var hon sångerska i det nederländska symfonisk metal-bandet After Forever.När bandet upplöstes i februari 2009 drog Jansen igång ett stilmässigt liknande projekt kallat ReVamp, som 2010 släppte ett album med samma namn


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Thank you for all the positive reactions and vibes to the announcement of me joining Sing Meinen Song!!! ️ I really appreciate it! #sms2022 #singmeinensong. Jump to. Sections of this page . Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Sign Up. ANNOUNCEMENT SING MEINEN SONG. Floor Jansen. 15 hrs · Thank you for all the positive. 470k Followers, 41 Following, 1,163 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Floor Jansen (@floor_jansen_official It's been a surreal time for Floor Jansen, and the Apr. 10 release of Nightwish's double album, Human. :||: Nature., has admittedly felt a bit strange for her. The singer has been sequestered. Floor Jansen's number of subscribers is 243K with 6.1K new subscribers in the last 30 days. The most recent video on the Floor Jansen channel was uploaded 4 days ago. The average number of views per Floor Jansen's YouTube video is 81.3K, while the highest number of views is 82.9K. The average engagement per Floor Jansen's is 7.5K with 6.8K reactions and 663 comments. The main content on.

Floor Jansen is best known as the front lady of Nightwish, ReVamp and After Forever. She started in 1997 with After Forever, one of the first female fronted bands to make it big in a predominantly male scene. As one of the pioneers, Floor's name became well known giving her new band ReVamp a head start when After Forever retired in 2009. Thanks to her natural-born versatility both as a singer. INTERESTING FACT ON Floor Jansen wiki, bio, age, height, birthday, is Floor Jansen married, who is her husband and how much is Floor Jansen net worth 2019 Floor Jansen entered the world of music when she was only 16 years old. Today, at 31, Floor Jansen still impresses her rock fans at every live performance with a pleasant and powerful voice Tags: nightwish, nightwish live, nightwish musical group, nightwish reaction, vocal coach reacts to nightwish, nightwish dvd, nightwish 2013, floor nightwish, nightwish react, old nightwish fan, nightwish live 2017, nightwish live 2016, nightwish live 2013, nightwish live 2018, nightwish live 2015, new nightwish album, floor jansen nightwish, nightwish live wembley, ghost love score nightwish. This music video, Phantom of the Opera by Floor Jansen and Henk Poort, is the original music video reacted to by the reactors on First Time Reactions Unique Floor Jansen Posters designed and sold by artists. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms... Sell your art nightwish dvd, nightwish 2013, floor nightwish, nightwish react, old nightwish fan, nightwish live 2017, nightwish live 2016, nightwish live 2013, nightwish live 2018, nightwish live 2015, new nightwish album, floor jansen nightwish, nightwish live wembley, ghost love score.

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Mit Floor Jansen als Sängerin hat Nightwish nunmer einen Volltreffer gelandet. Eine sehr gute Range gepaart mit einem leichten Krtazen ab und an geben Nightwish wieder richtig Schwung. Das Album ist der Beweis dafür. Eine klare Kaufempfehlung. Floor überrascht mir immer wieder. Niemals hätte ich gedacht das eine Frau Ghost love Score besser singen kann als Tarja, aber Floor hat es. Hi DarlingsIt is my pleasure to bring to you my latest reaction and vocal analysisIf you enjoy my content then please consider showing your support for my. Gitana Adelle reacts to I Put A Spell On You by Angelina Jordan. Henk Poort en Floor Jansen weer samen in Carré. June 11 2021 1622. Floor Jansen releases cover with Henk Poort. Floor Jansen openhartig over ervaringen in Beste Zangers. Nunl. Floor Jansen (udtalt [ˈfloːr ˈjɑnsə(n)]; født 21. februar 1981 i Goirle) er en hollandsk sanger, sangskriver og stemmertræner.Hun er den nuværende forsanger i det finske symfoniske metalband Nightwish.. Jansen blev først kendt som medlem af det symfoniske metalband After Forever, som hun var forsanger i fra 1997, hvor hun blev medlem som 15-årig NIGHTWISH Vocalist FLOOR JANSEN Talks Fan Reactions To Endless Forms Most Beautiful - People Are Very Happy With What I've Done October 3, 2016, 5 years ago. news nightwish floor jansen heavy metal. Hard Rock Haven recently caught up with vocalist Floor Jansen, who discussed the response to the Endless Forms Most Beautiful album, and being joined on stage by evolutionary biologist Richard.

FLOOR JANSEN On Why She Doesn't Like To Discuss Her Personal Life In Interviews And Why She Can't Always Meet Fans After Concerts May 20, 2014 0 Comment 6,334 Likes, 50 Comments - Floor Jansen (@floor_jansen_official) on Instagram: That was mind boggling! Curious about my reaction to the documentary 'To Nightwish With Love'? G Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen chats about her love of recycling, pianos and big cars. Words: Steve Beebee. Nightwish ' s Floor Jansen loves trying to protect the universe - one diaper at a. 6,235 Likes, 382 Comments - Floor Jansen (@floor_jansen_official) on Instagram: Apparently I unleashed the fury upon metal earth when I was asked a question about the most meta

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In a recent interview with the Swedish smartphone app BandBond, NIGHTWISH's Floor Jansen discussed people's fascination with her height. The 39-year-old Dutch-born singer, who lives in Sweden with her husband, SABATON drummer Hannes Van Dahl, said (see video below): I'm taller than most women, and I'm taller — depending on where I am in the world — than most men Sheldon Ang speaks with lead vocalist Floor Jansen - considered as one of the world's best practitioners in the majestic art of vocal acrobatic. She takes us into their astral plane, transcending the cacophony of metal music and into a whirlwind of beautiful chaos that is unmistakably Nightwish and Floor Jansen - whose vocals at times overshadowing the sonic booms of the symphonic metal. Floor Jansen. Thread starter JJohnson1090; Start date Jul 26, 2021; Celebs ; If you are a VIP member and want to become a mod, please contact SkullKid. If you have cache issues please reload the page. Leaked Nudes. Celebrities. J. JJohnson1090 Leaker. Jul 26, 2021 21 8. Jul 26, 2021 #1 Metal godess! Reactions: Brew Swillis, SVerdict12 and Deadscripture. J. JJohnson1090 Leaker. Jul 26, 2021 21.

Watch ENG: Beste Zangers (with Floor Jansen) | Episode 3 part 2 - DeniseHofs on Dailymotio INTERVIEW: Floor Jansen (NIGHTWISH) There are far few words to encapsulate the wonder that comes from experiencing Finnish mavericks Nightwish. But as a key driving force in the symphonic metal world, the group have weaved their epic complexity, scintillating elegance and bombastic heaviness for over two decades, carving up a cult-like status. floor jansen GIFs. # After Forever. # Epica (Musical Group) # Floor Jansen (Musical Artist) # Live # Sancta Terra. # epica. # Entertainment # endless forms most beautiful # floor jansen # floor jansen (songwriter) # nightwish # nightwish (musical group) # nightwish amar # nightwish ghost love score # nightwish i wish i had an angel # nightwish. Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen has uploaded another installment of her 1 Minute Fan Friday Q&A sessions to her YouTube channel, where she answers questions submitted by the fans. Check it out below. This week's Fan Friday is also the longest Fan Friday! We talk a bit about reactors but..

NIGHTWISH singer Floor Jansen has shared a studio video for her recently released Dutch-language song called De Beelden Blijven.An English version of the track, which was recorded for the documentary Kinderen In Oorlog: 75 Jaar Later in cooperation with War Child, will be made available at a later date.. War Child is an organization that provides education and psychological care for. Beste Zangers / 9 mei 2021. Zoals beloofd een muzikale uitsmijter van Floor Jansen die de Songfestivalkneiter 'Euphoria' van Loreen uit 2012 zingt. Vanwege een acute galblaas operatie kon Floor helaas niet bij de opnames aanwezig zijn. Maar als Floor niet naar Beste Zangers kan komen, dan komt Beste Zangers toch gewoon naar Floor toe Share. You can watch a new video of Nightwish singer Floor Jansen, covering Heart classic song Alone. In a statement accompanying the YouTube release of her Alone video, the Dutch-born vocalist wrote: Picking Alone from @thebandheart ( Heart) as my second cover on YouTube felt like the right decision

Floor Jansen Beeld Daniel Cohen. De Nederlandse zangeres Floor Jansen is frontvrouw van Nightwish, een van de grootste metalbands ter wereld. Toch brak ze pas het afgelopen jaar in Nederland door na het tv-programma De beste zangers. Zaterdagavond werd op festival Noorderslag in Groningen bekendgemaakt dat zij de Popprijs 2019 heeft gewonnen Floor Jansen gebruikt sabbatical Nightwish voor gezin. FaceCulture. 10:39. Nightwish interview - Floor Jansen (part 1) FaceCulture. 27:17 [ENG] Floor Jansen at 'TV show op reis DeniseHofs. 54:31. ENG translation: Beste Zangers (with Floor Jansen) | Episode 1. DeniseHofs. 54:53. ENG translation: Beste Zangers 2019 - Episode 4 - Floor Jansen. DeniseHofs. 30:56. ENG translation: Beste Zangers. NIGHTWISH's Floor Jansen has released her cover version of the HEART classic Alone. A video of her rendition, featuring music by Joost Van Den Broek, can be seen below. In a statement accompanyi.. Reactor en vivo. Inicio; Horarios; Programas; Banda Sonora; Nuestras coberturas; Acerca; #LunesDeEstrógeno: Floor Jansen. Estás aquí: Inicio; Noticias; #LunesDeEstrógeno: Floor Jansen. Oct 19 2015. Noticias Reactor. La semana pasada se presentó Nightwish (con gran éxito) en nuestro país y de ahí surgió la inspiración para el #LunesDeEstrógeno de hoy. Nightwish es la banda finlandesa. Floor Jansen (Goirle, 21 februari 1981) is een Nederlandse zangeres. Ze is vooral bekend als de frontzangeres van de Finse symfonische metalband Nightwish. Biografie. Jansen was van 1997 tot begin 2009 de zangeres van de Nederlandse metalband After Forever.

HardrockHaven.net conducted an interview with NIGHTWISH singer Floor Jansen earlier in the year during the band's U.S. headlining tour. You can now watch the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).. On the fan response to NIGHTWISH's latest album, 2015's Endless Forms Most Beautiful:. Floor: The one thing that sticks out for me is the reaction to the. RTL Boulevard | Floor Jansen & Tim Akkerman interview | Beste Zangers. DeniseHofs. 57:09. ENG subs | Beste Zangers 2019 - Episode 6 - Emma Heesters. DeniseHofs. 23:03 . Beste Zangers 2021 - aflevering 2 deel 1. jennie noppers. 6:05. Beste Zangers 2021 - Karsu - An de kant. jennie noppers. 8:28. Do zingt reaction to 'Daughters' in De Beste Zangers van Nederland. Wolf Rock. 54:57. Beste Zangers.

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Bandbond caught up with power couple Floor Jansen (Nightwish) and Hannes Van Dahl (Sabaton), who opened up about their relationship, their formative years as musicians, and favourite bands. Check it out below. Nightwish is offering offers fans a unique experience by inviting them to a shared adventure at The Islanders Arms, a tavern built in virtual reality. The event takes place on two nights. Floor Jansen wall art products, available on a range of materials, with framed and unframed options. Wall art in a wide variety of ready-to-hang prints for your home, office, or dorm. Gallery quality framed photographic prints, metal prints, canvas prints, art prints, and art boards to update your space with awesome art Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen is our guest this week. We discuss the band's new album, Human.:II: Nature., whether there were any concerns about releasing it during the quarantine, working with a real choir and orchestra instead of using samples, and finding her vocal timing in the studio, as well as how COVID-19 has taught people to slow down in life and why not doing concerts is the. Floor Jansen openhartig over ervaringen in Beste Zangers. Floor wilde al vanaf het begin samen met Henk een duet doen, en dan het liefst Phantom of the Opera. Dat wilde Henk wel, op één voorwaarde: wanneer Nightwish naar Nederland komt, wil hij het duet nog eens zingen met Floor én de hele Nightwish band. Zo gezegd, zo gedaan Floor Jansen, one of the best frontwomen in the metal business, So, the first reaction was 'Yes!' and I was already on my way and then, later, came more thoughts on how can we continue and how am I going to do things with ReVamp. Also, we took a long time to see if things were actually working or not. It was not like, OK, now I have joined and it is going to be like this forever. It.